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 The company owned excellence performance and honors: "China's Large Scale Enterprises ", "China's Top 100 Electrical Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises", "China's Electronic Information Best 100 Enterprises", "Shandong Provincial Top 100 Industrial Enterprises", "Provincial level garden-style Enterprises" etc. The party and state leaders Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wu Guanzheng, Luo gan Tian Jiyun and Minister of Information Industry Ministry Mr. Wu Jichuan have visited the company and evaluated highly. 

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About Us

   Hongan Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1985, is located in the beautiful coastal city, Weihai. The predecessor of the company was Wendeng Communication Cable Factory.  In 2001 the company was restructured from the original township enterprises to the modern private enterprises.   Now  Hongan Group holds Changhe Optical Technology Co., Ltd., Weixin  Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., Weihai Changhe Fiber optic Cable Co., Ltd., Hongan Telecommunication Cable Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Hongan Communication Co., Ltd.,Hexin Small-Loan Company ,Ronghui Warehousing Company and other wholly owned subsidiary companies, and Shenzhen Pengda Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co.,Ltd., and other joint venture companies.

   At present, Hongan has 1,126 employees, with a total asset value of 2.37 billion yuan. The factory covers an area of 1 million square meters and a building area of 400,000 square meters Our products include optical fiber preform, optical fiber & cable, optical patch cord, network cable, municipal telephone cable and communication equipment. The annual production capacity has reached or exceeded 200 tons of optical fiber preform, 22 million core kilometers of optical fiber, 13 million core kilometers of ordinary optical cable, 2.6 million core kilometers of indoor optical cable, 3.6 million pieces of optical jumper, 1.2 million boxes of network cable, and 1.2 million kilometers of municipal telephone cable, 10,000 sets of GPON OLT, 20,000 sets of EPON OLT, 300,000 sets of ONU, 2 million sets of PLC, and 10 million pieces of SFP.

  Weihai Changhe Optical Technology Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned holding company of Hongan Group, established  in November 2016, whose registered capital is up to 250million, plant area 35200 , and major products are fiber optic preform and fiber.

   Weihai Changhe Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the fine optical communication industry. In 2018, the first phase of the optical fiber preform project with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan was completed in 10 months. The project is a key project of new and old kinetic energy conversion in Shandong Province. We introduces 60 sets of advanced production and testing equipment from Korea, the United States and other countries, and purchases 40 sets supporting equipment from domestic supplier . It adopts VAD+OVD two-step method to produce optical preform, and the core technology owns the independent intellectual property rights which was only owned by two companies in China. The annual output of optical fiber preforms is 200 tons. Now, it has realized mass production with stable quality of domestic leading level.

   In 2019, the second phase of the project has started, and the fiber drawing scale has been expanded to 6 towers 12 lines, with an annual production capacity of 11 million core kilometers.

Development History
Hongan Electric Cable Factory was established
Hongan Optical Cable Company was established
Hongan Data Cable Company was established
Weihai Changhe Optelecom Science CO.,LTD was established

Hongan Group will seize the opportunity, accumulate experience, continue to enlarge and strengthen the main business of optoelectronic communication cables, and create more success for the revival of China's information industry

No.1  Longwei Road, Wendeng District,Weihai City,Shandong Province,China.

Address:No.1  Longwei Road, Wendeng District , Weihai City, Shandong Province, China  Sales telephone: +86-631-8353129

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